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Import products from excel and request for special prices

Importing products from excel to shopping cart and fast shopping. Request for special prices

  1. Preper excel file. For proper data import, two columns are sufficient: part numer and quantity

  2. On the website, select the Cart

  3. We paste the contents of columns from point 1 into the empty field "Build your basket ...".

  4. The database is checked if a given product exists.
    1. If we already have a basket, the old one will be removed and new products will appear in the basket
    2. Adds items to the basket, regardless of whether there are already products in it or not.

  5. To go further, we create a clipboard.

  6. Clipboard management.
    1. We are asking for special prices.
    2. We accept the "basket" compartment and place an order.

  7. The request for special prices has been sent. We are waiting for an email with further instructions.

  8. Clipboard with accepted and rejected prices. We make a purchase.