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RRC Solutions Market Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the IngramMicro Solutions Market on the online platform
§1 General Provisions
  1. The Terms and Conditions define the terms of cooperation in the purchase and sale of solutions offered via the Internet platform
§2 Definitions.
  1. Terms and Conditions - these Terms and Conditions.
  2. RRC Poland - RRC Poland limited liability company with its registered office in Warsaw, 02-862 Warsaw, 69 Farbiarska Street, entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000028820, share capital: PLN 4 820 000.00, NIP number 521-29-31-906, Regon number: 013,196,912
  3. IngramMicro24 – information system (portal) available through the Web interface domain, by means of which cooperation is conducted in the sale of goods and services.
  4. IngramMicro Companies - a company under Polish law called "RRC Poland" Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Ingram Micro Czech Republic s.r.o., a company organized under the laws of the Czech Republic, with its registered office in Hradec Kralove; RRC Hungary Kft., a company organized under the laws of Hungary, with its registered office in Budapest; Ingram Micro d.o.o., a company organized under the laws of Serbia, with its registered office in Belgrade; Ingram Micro Ljubljana, tehnoloske resitve, d.o.o., a company organized under the laws of Slovenia, with its registered office in Ljubljana; RRC TECH DISTRIBUTION SRL, a company organized under the laws of Romania, with its registered office in Bucharest; RRC BT, POSLOVNE TELEKOMUNIKACIJE D.O.O., a company organized under the laws of Croatia, with its registered office in Zagreb
  5. Solution - the product and / or service offered by the IngramMicro Solutions Market program.
  6. Supplier - a partner of one of the IngramMicro companies offering their solutions via IngramMicro24.
  7. Recipient - a partner of one of the IngramMicro companies purchasing or intending to purchase one of the solutions offered by the Suppier of Solutions.
§3 Adding solutions in IngramMicro24.
  1. A partner who asks to be part of the IngramMicro Solutions Market program and will be accepted, as a partner Supplier of Solutions has the ability to add their own solutions within the IngramMicro24.
    • each supplier must be a customer for the IngramMicro and have at least a one-year long history of purchase in the IngramMicro,
    • the solution must go through a validation procedure in the IngramMicro in order to obtain a positive assessment regarding the specific use or application,
    • the solution must have at least two documented implementations, supported by relevant references, signed by end customers (users),
    • each Supplier must, at least once every 6 months, implement any project with another of the RSM Suppliers,
    • the solution should be compatible with the already offered IngramMicro products and, at the same time, it cannot be competitive,
    • the Supplier has no arrears in payments due to IngramMicro companies.
  2. Each added Solution requires, in particular, giving an IngramMicro Company for which the Solution is sold, IngramMicro companies in which data of the Solution will be available, the name and description of the Solution.
  3. Adding solutions must be accepted by an IngramMicro Company.
  4. Any change of solutions requires confirmation by an IngramMicro Company.
  5. Correctly added and accepted Solutions are visible to partners cooperating with companies in which the Solutions are available.
§4 Project reservation.
  1. Any Recipient of a Solution can apply for a solution using IngramMicro24 for the end customer. This application is created by specifying: the end customer name, tax identification number (VAT#) and the country in which the number functions.
  2. A Supplier of a Solution is obliged to respond to such an application, whether or not the customer is registered by him either directly or through another partner. If there was no application, a reservation of the End Customer takes place to the applicant of the Final Solution Recipient. If the Supplier of the Solution was already there in the database of the End Customer, the Supplier can make a reservation for the Recipient but may also refuse to reserve.
  3. From the moment of the confirmation of the reservation of the End Customer, for a period of 12 months, the Solution Recipient shall be entitled to a commission of 15% of the Solutions sold to the End Customer, in the event that the Supplier has provided a solution directly to the end customer, or by any other entity. Signing these Terms and Conditions, the Supplier of Solutions agrees to pay a commission of 15% of the sales of the Solution to the End Customer for the Recipient who registered the particular End Customer of the Solution, if he sold the Solution to the particular End Customer excluding the registrar of the Solution Recipient. In order to pay the above-mentioned commission, the relevant IngramMicro Company for the given Solution Supplier, issues an appropriate VAT invoice with a maturity of 7 days that the Supplier undertakes to pay on time. The Solution Recipient will receive the commission from the relevant IngramMicro Company on the basis of a VAT invoice issued for the relevant IngramMicro Company with a maturity of 7 days.
  4. Finalization of the sale to a registered and reserved End Customer can be carried out by the Solution Supplier and Recipient on their own, without incurring additional costs or via IngramMicro24.
§5 The sales process of Solutions via IngramMicro24.
  1. If the Supplier and the Recipient choose to use the IngramMicro24 for the implementation of the sales for a Registered End Customer, they use the Projects module, where they can:
    • keep the whole documentation and communication on a given project, including interviews and arrangements between the parties,
    • submit commercial offers from the Suppliers for the Recipients, including the IngramMicro trade commission, trade offers include net prices of Solutions. The net price displayed for Recipients already includes all of the costs of transportation / logistics and the IngramMicro commission, including: the cost of maintaining and promoting the IngramMicro Solutions Market Module by the IngramMicro Company, the cost of exchange rate risk, if the Supplier is from a country other than the Solution Recipient, maintenance and insurance costs of the IngramMicro Company credit limit. Supplier of the Solution, when creating an offer for Recipients, sees the amount of the IngramMicro commission and is fully aware of the amount of it. Creating an offer for Recipients, he sees the price, the IngramMicro24 commission and the price to be paid by the IngramMicro Company to purchase the given Solution from him on the basis of this offer. Suppliers of Solutions, when creating trade offers for Recipients, must include all of the costs associated with the implementation of the proposed order submitted on the basis of a trade offer, in particular, all of the costs of delivery of Solutions to the recipient or the End Customer, duty, taxes, insurance of goods, the cost of implementing Solutions, transport of people and accommodation and other possible costs incurred in the course of implementation of Solutions.
  2. Commercial offer must include:
    • the expiry date of the offer,
    • the price for Recipients,
    • listed products and services included in the offer,
    • an accurate description of the implementation / deployment of Solutions stored in the given project in the Projects module of IngramMicro24, in the document attached as an appendix to the offer,
    • acceptance of the offer by the IngramMicro Company appropriate for the Supplier,
  3. Orders placed in IngramMicro24 by Solution Recipients on the basis of the offer will be processed in accordance with their respective terms of trade at IngramMicro Companies, according to the seat of the Recipient,
  4. Solution Providers shall be fully liable under the guarantee and warranty for the offered Solutions,
  5. If, in the country in which the Solution is sold, additional taxes or duties exist, such as VAT or a withholding tax, their total value will be added to the sales invoice and must be paid by the Solution Recipient,
  6. Prices and methods / conditions of payment for Suppliers:
    • sale from a Supplier to the IngramMicro Company is implemented on the basis of an Order sent by the appropriate IngramMicro Company to the Supplier,
    • the order provides a detailed description of the subject of the order, the Supplier’s trade offer and an Appendix to the offer on the basis of which the given Order is placed, date of payment, address and date of delivery and other information necessary for the proper performance of the contract,
    • the date of payment of the above-mentioned order is at least the same as the one that the Solution Recipient has at the relevant IngramMicro Company,
    • in the Supplier sales Goods excluding IngramMicro24 – the Supplier settles directly by a mutual agreement with the Recipient, according to separately established rules, then no IngramMicro Company has no involvement in any process of implementing this sale,
  7. Prices and methods / conditions of payment for Recipients are governed by the Terms and Conditions applicable to the IngramMicro Company, according to the headquarters of the Recipient.
§6 Copyrights.
  1. In the case of the sale of Solutions being subject to regulatory control of copyrights, the Solution Suppier is the copyright holder for their Solutions.
  2. Solution Recipient shall use the purchased Solutions for its intended purpose, any copying, sharing, translating, decompiling or any changes to the software without the prior consent of the Supplier of Solutions are prohibited.
  3. If a license is attached to the Solutions, the Solution Recipient is obliged to comply with it.
§7 Final provisions.
  1. In matters not regulated by these terms and conditions relevant provisions of Polish law and the European Union shall apply.
  2. The Terms and Regulations are available free of charge via the IngramMicro24 portal in a form that allows downloading, recording and printing, and is available in a written form at the seat of the RRC Poland in Warsaw at 69 Farbiarska Street.
  3. If there is any doubt about the application of the Terms and Regulations, the IngramMicro Poland reserves the right of the legally binding interpretation.
  4. The law applicable to disputes relating to the services provided by the RRC Poland via the IngramMicro24 portal is the Polish law.
  5. Any disputes arising out of and as a result of the operation of the IngramMicro24 portal or related to the services provided by the Company or Suppliers using the services shall be settled by a court competent for the seat of the Company.
  6. In the case of foreign language versions of these Terms and Conditions issued by the RRC Poland and posted on the website IngramMicro24, Polish version of the Terms and Regulations is binding.
  7. These Terms and Conditions come into force on 02.01.2015.
Organizer: RRC Poland Sp. z o.o.